Satellite Symposia

Satellite symposium Genomic Health
Genomics in Breast Cancer: Raising the Bar with Strong Evidence.
Discover the strength of evidence supporting genomic testing in breast cancer and what that means for your patients.

Chair: Norman Wolmark, USA

Introduction and the story so far: What makes a clinically useful assay? (Norman Wolmark, USA)

Reviewing the evidence of clinical utility of genomic testing in patients with node-negative, ER+ breast cancer (Christy Russell, USA)

A review of prospective trial and outcomes data evaluating the performance of genomic testing in patients with node-positive, ER+ breast cancer (Christian Jackisch, Germany)

Multigene assays in breast cancer – do they all tell you the same thing? (Joseph Gligorov, France)

Predicting late recurrence risk (Norman Wolmark, USA)

Q & A session (all faculty)

Satellite symposium NanoString Technologies
Current and Future Treatment Decisions for Early Breast Cancer: Clinical Relevance of Molecular Profiling with Prosigna® Gene Signature Assay

Chair: Michael Gnant, Austria

Development and Validation of Intrinsic Subtyping for the Clinic (Charles M. Perou, USA)

Value of Prosigna® genomic signature for management of early breast cancer (Nadia Harbeck, Germany)

Near the patient innovation: Prosigna® decentralized testing in cancer centers network, and beyond (Frederique Penault-Llorca, France)

Satellite symposium Novartis
Expanding Horizons: Current and Emerging Treatment Options for Breast Cancer

Highlights of Combination Therapy Trials for HR+ Breast Cancer (Nadia Harbeck, Germany)

A New Day: Case Studies of Advances in Treatment Strategy for HR+ Breast Cancer (Case Presenter and Moderator: Denise Yardley, USA. Panelists: Richard de Boer, Australia; Nadia Harbeck, Germany)

First Light: Future Innovations in Treatment of HR+ Breast Cancer (Richard de Boer, Australia)


Treatment Options on the Horizon for HER2+ BC (Nadia Harbeck, Germany)

Q & A Session (all faculty)

A Panoramic View of Treatment Paradigms for ABC (Nadia Harbeck, Germany)